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Electricity Supply Board
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Electricity Supply Board

Founded in 1927, the Electricity Supply Board (ESB) is a statutory corporation in the Republic of Ireland. It is 95 per cent owned by the Government of Ireland, with the remaining shares held by an employee share option trust.

ESB is a vertically integrated utility and it includes a number of divisions, which are ring fenced and operate independently in the electricity market. ESB Group employs 7,000 people. It is the leading Irish company in the energy utility sector.

ESB has contributed to the development of communities throughout Ireland, rural and urban. Our activities- be they generation, transmission, billing, retailing or the basic continuity and quality of supply, impact on every person living or working in Ireland.

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ESB has a fully resourced Archive and Heritage section and has published policies in three areas:

  1. ESB Archives
  2. ESB Heritage
  3. ESB Visual Art

The Archive and Heritage section has responsibility for the operation of Number Twenty Nine, and also for

  • Managing and storage and retrieval of documentation recording the history of ESB
  • The Dalton Centre, located in Shannonbridge, is a visitor centre for the storage and restoration of ESB industrial equipment used by the company since its inception. It is intended to develop this centre as an important national and international resource for those interested in industrial heritage.
  • Support for public exhibitions and workshops relating to over 300 art works owned by ESB.

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